Sagan, on Death.

Sagan, on Death..

Something to think about today.

(I learned that the man who cleans our office aircon, Mang Lot, died last Friday of a heart attack. A few weeks ago, he went to our house to clean our clogged aircon and he did a wonderful job, prompting me to think he so was grateful to make a decent living that it showed in his work. He was last in the office last week but I didn’t get the chance to talk to him. I was too busy to say hello. “The next time he comes, I’ll say hi,” I thought. Well, it turns out there won’t be a next time.

To many, he was just someone who dropped by the office once in a while, most of the time unnoticed. But he’s someone’s father, husband and friend. And he was a damn good aircon cleaner who happily did his work to feed his family. I want to honor him and the nameless, faceless people like him who come into our world and leave it without fuss.)



About Louie-An

Hello. My name is Louie-An and this is a record of my thoughts and observations on my own yoga practice. I am not a yoga teacher, so please view these as musings of an ardent yogini who wants to monitor her progress as a practitioner. These entries are not meant to be instructional in any way. If I do offer a few tips, please work with a certified and experienced yoga teacher before trying them out. Also, feel free to share your own experiences with me so we can learn from each other. I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I do writing them. Namaste.
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