Breathe and Let Go

Photo by Shelby H.

Of all the challenges I face every day, this has got to be the toughest. For example, a not-so-polite email from someone at work could trigger unpleasant feelings in me that could stay for hours or even the whole day! I now realize the importance of just breathing it out and letting it go. I inhale deeply and exhale the way we do in yoga class – with a slightly constricted throat that produces that oceanic sound that soothes the senses while we’re doing difficult asanas. This is called ujjayi breathing and it serves me well on the mat, in the workplace and everywhere else. People with Type A personalities like myself can benefit from this simple act of coming back to the breath, the life force. It returns us to that serene place and reminds us that our well-being is more important than our interpretation of someone else’s actions.

About Louie-An

Hello. My name is Louie-An and this is a record of my thoughts and observations on my own yoga practice. I am not a yoga teacher, so please view these as musings of an ardent yogini who wants to monitor her progress as a practitioner. These entries are not meant to be instructional in any way. If I do offer a few tips, please work with a certified and experienced yoga teacher before trying them out. Also, feel free to share your own experiences with me so we can learn from each other. I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I do writing them. Namaste.
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